Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Going to London for Free!

Many people ask and wonder how to study English effectively. They seem too lazy to memorize all those strange and new vocabularies, too bored to study grammar, too hard to try speaking, and too difficult to listen to native speaking.
As to my experience; at first I thought English in the same way as many people think. However, I found it that language is a matter of custom;  a custom we have to live our daily life with it. So, learning English is not merely receiving what we get from our teachers in class. It’s about using it in our real life. The other question that may come next is “then how we practice English while we live in the world where English is not our first language?”.
Oh, come on dude! Haven’t you heard that English is an international language? You can find English everywhere around you; you don’t need to be in London to find people speaking English.
Let me show you how to make yourself as if you were in London or New York!